Your Biggest Career Asset Is Hiding in Plain Sight. Here’s How to Unlock It.

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What would you pay for a genuine career-changing advantage? What would you say if I told you it was free, and you already had it?

Here's a reality-check: your lived experience is your greatest asset. Nobody on earth has overcome the exact same combination of challenges as you.

You have found some success, through independent trial and error, in a way that others have not. The problem is that you can't see its value yet.

Identifying the Issue

Working with fine detail everyday can seem insignificant, even tiresome. You might even find it difficult to imagine how others would find it interesting.

While it may seem boring, it's more likely that you're experiencing expert blindness. This is a bias that prevents you from seeing the tiny connecting puzzle pieces that lead to mastery.

Your ability to describe those pieces makes you valuable to those who follow you, and those who wish to hire you. All you're missing is a way to understand what others find useful.

What to Do About It

Overcoming "expert blindness" is simple: you need to find a suitable test, and learn from the result. In this age of digital leverage, tests are easy, and usually free.

Start by finding a platform you like, and sharing simple lessons based on what you know. Write, photograph, or record whatever you do. Put it out into the world and see how people respond. Usually, it will surprise you.

So maybe what’s obvious to me is amazing to someone else? [1]

What starts with a tweet, might become a blog, and even a video series. Your daily experiences, with enough feedback, will become meaningful to others.

By engaging in this "test, adapt, share" cycle, you will find yourself in a new state: "beginner's mind". Here, you are sensitive to your skill-set, and are open and eager to engage with others.

If you give it a chance, it will set you apart from everyone around you.

[1]Obvious to you. Amazing to others. | Derek Sivers. (n.d.). Retrieved November 15, 2021, from

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